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2019-2022     Cotsen Postdoctoral Fellow, Princeton University Society of Fellows

2019-2022     Lecturer, Department of Anthropology & Humanities Council, Princeton University


University of Pennsylvania
PhD, Anthropology, 2019

Dissertation: Materializing Political Violence: Segregation, War, & Memory in Quintana Roo, Mexico


Stanford University
Master of Arts, Anthropology, 2011

Thesis: “That Heritage Place”: The Implications of Heritage Practice in Western Australia

Stanford University
Bachelor of Arts with Honors, Archaeology, 2011
Thesis: Holding History, Mapping the Future: Readdressing Cultural Landscapes and Archaeology through Lessons from Aboriginal Australia


Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters

Cain, Tiffany C. and Richard M. Leventhal. 2017. “Questioning the Status of Land as Commodity in Maya

     Quintana Roo and Belize.” In The Value of Things: Commodities in the Maya Region, edited by Jennifer P.

     Mathews and Thomas H. Guderjan. Tucson: University of Arizona Press.

Book Reviews

Cain, Tiffany C. 2018. Review of Critical Theory and the Anthropology of Heritage Landscapes by Melissa F. Baird.

     Historical Archaeology . 50 (2): 524.

Cain, Tiffany C. 2016. Review of The Archaeology of Ancestors: Death, Memory, and Veneration, by Erica Hill and

     Jon B. Hageman, eds. Historical Archaeology 50 (4): 159-161.

Cain, Tiffany C. 2016. Returning to the Study of Things: A Review of Ruin Memories: Materialities, Aesthetics, and

     the Archaeology of the Recent Past, by Bjørnar Olsen and Þóra Pétursdóttir, eds. Expedition Magazine.

     58 (1): 46.

Cain, Tiffany C. 2013. Review of Decolonizing Methodologies: Research and Indigenous Peoples, 2nd Edition, by        Linda Tuhiwai Smith. Anthropology and Education Quarterly, 44 (3): 342-343.

Public Scholarship

​2019. "#30: Bringing Your Heart Home," with Ian Pollock on The Familiar Strange Podcast. Listen here:


2016. “Activating and Deactivating Heritage Symbols: On the Tubman $20 and Other Symbolic

     Controversies.” Anthropology News. May Issue.

2015. "On Writing and Productivity." UPenn Anthropology Graduate Blog. November.

2014. “Social Media, Racial Violence, and Confronting the Ensemble of Michael Brown.”

      Anthropology News, September Issue.



Edited Collections

Cain, Tiffany C. and Teresa P. Raczek, eds. Accepted, with Revisions. “Engendering Heritage:

     Contemporary Feminist Approaches to Archaeological and Heritage Practice.” Archaeological Papers of the

     American Anthropological Association (AP3A). Volume 31, expected publication 2020.

Diserens Morgan, Kasey and Tiffany C. Cain, eds. Under Contract. Coloniality in the Maya Lowlands: Archaeological Perspectives. Edited compilation of ongoing research in Central America

     focused on 18th-20th centuries. University Press of Colorado, expected publication 2020.

Journal Articles & Book Chapters

Cain, Tiffany C. Accepted, with Revisions. “Positioning Heritage: Engendering the Maya Social War and the

     Makings of an Engaged Heritage Practice.” AP3A.

Cain, Tiffany C. and Teresa P. Raczek. Accepted, with Revisions. “Introduction: Toward an Engaged Feminist 

     Heritage Praxis.” AP3A.

Cain, Tiffany C. and Kasey Diserens Morgan. Accepted, with Revisions. “Heritage Activism in Quintana Roo,

    Mexico: Assembling New Futures through an Umbrella Heritage Practice.” In From the Trowel to the

    Trenches: Archaeology as Social Activism, edited by Christopher P. Barton. University Press of Florida.

    Expected publication 2020.

Cain, Tiffany C. Accepted, with Revisions. "Confronting Violence in the Layered Landscapes of East-Central

     Quintana Roo." In Coloniality in the Maya Lowlands: Archaeological Perspectives.

Diserens Morgan, Kasey and Tiffany C. Cain. Accepted, with Revisions. "Characterizing an Archaeology of the

     Recent Past in the Maya Region." In Coloniality in the Maya Lowlands: Archaeological Perspectives.

Cain, Tiffany C. In preparation. “Heritage as Liberation.” Expected submission Fall 2019.



2020     "Heritage as Liberation?" Society for Historical Archaeology, Boston, Massachusetts, January 8-11th.

2019     "Material Mediations on Prosthetic Memory." American Anthropological Association, Vancouver, British

            Columbia, November 20-24th.

2019     “Heritage as Compounded Performance.” Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG USA), Syracuse, New

            York, May 3-5th.

2018     “Whose Heroes? Monuments, Race, and Historical Memory in the Yucatán.” American Anthropological

           Association, San Jose, California, November 14-18th.

2018     “Temporal Sedimentation, Intergenerational Affect, and a Heritage of Violence (Revisited).” Latin

           American Studies Association, Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain, May 23-26th.

2018     “Kept Out or Closed In? An Analysis of Civilian Fortification Strategies during the Maya Social

           War.” Society for American Archaeology, Washington D.C. April 11-15th.

2018     Leventhal, Richard M., Tiffany C. Cain, and Kasey Diserens. “Social Justice in the Maya Area: Reframing

           the Past in the Present.” State of the Field 2018: Archaeology and Social Justice Conference, Joukowsky

           Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World, Brown University, March 2-3rd.

2018     “Exploring Landscapes of Political Violence through Collaborative Archaeology.” Society for Historical

            Archaeology  New Orleans, Louisiana, January 4-7th.

2017     “The Materialization of Political Violence and the Affordances of Limestone in Early Republican Yucatán.”

           Ethical and Political Materialities Graduate Conference, Princeton University, December 8-9th.

2017     “Temporal Sedimentation, Intergenerational Affect, and a Heritage of Violence.” American

             Anthropological Association, Washington, D.C., November 30-December 3rd.

2017      “Collaborative Approaches to the Archaeology of Political Violence: Rethinking the Caste War of

             Yucatán (1847-1901).” University of Michigan Museum of Anthropological Archaeology Brown Bag

            Series, April 6th.

2017      “Formative Experiences: Everyday Life and Political Violence in Yucatan, 1847-1866.” Society for

             American Archaeology, Vancouver, British Columbia, March 29-April 2nd.

2016      Cain, Tiffany C. and Kasey Diserens. “Underneath the Umbrella: Reflections on Collaborative Heritage

            Practice.” American Anthropological Association, Minneapolis, MN, November 16-20, 2016.

2016      Leventhal, Richard M., Tiffany C. Cain, Kasey Diserens, Carlos Chan Espinosa, and Elias Chi Poot.

            “Landscapes of Power and Identity.” Tercer Coloquio AACCP: Asentamientos y Urbanismo Arquitectura

             y Arqueología en América Y Europa, Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico, May 16th.

2016      “Intersubjectivity and a Theory of Actively Engaged Heritage Practice.” Society for American 

            Archaeology, Orlando, FL, April 6-10th.

2015      “On the Temporalities and Durability of Historical Violence.” American Anthropological Association,

            Denver, CO, November 18-22nd.



2018-2019    Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship, The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and


2012-2019    Louis J. Kolb Society Junior Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and  


2012-2017    F. S. Pepper/William Fontaine Society Fellowship for Graduate Education, University of                                   Pennsylvania, School of Arts and Sciences.

2009-2011    Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship (MMUF) and Graduate Initiatives Program (since 2012),

                 Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Select Grants
2018     SHA Harriet Tubman Travel Award, Society for Historical Archaeology, Gender and Minority Affairs


2017     Research & Travel Grant, Latin American & Latinx Studies Grant, University of Pennsylvania. Also, 2014

           and 2016.

2016     Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant, National Science Foundation. Award No. 1640392,

            “The Effect of Violence on Domestic Social Organization.”

2016     Teece Dissertation Research Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania, School of Arts and Science.

2015     Student Diversity Travel Grant and Membership Award, Archaeology Division, American Anthropological

            Association, also 2013.

2015     Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Grant, Duke University Consortium for Latin American Studies.

            For the UNC Yucatec Maya Summer Institute, Level 1.

2015     President Gutman Leadership Award, University of Pennsylvania.

Academic Distinctions

2018     Sylvia Forman Graduate Paper Prize Honorable Mention, Association of Feminist Anthropologists.

2018     Teaching Certificate, Center for Teaching & Learning, University of Pennsylvania.

2015     Department of Anthropology Teaching Award Nominee, School of Arts & Sciences, University of


2011     Vice Provost for Graduate Education Academic Achievement Award, Native American Cultural Center,

           Stanford University.


Student Member at-Large, Executive Board, Archaeological Division of the

American Anthropological Association

Member, Student Affairs Committee, Society for American Archaeology

Graduate Fellow, Penn Cultural Heritage Center,

University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Contributing Section Editor, Association of Black Anthropologists Section, Anthropology News,

American Anthropological Association, 2013-2017.



Adobe InDesign, Photoshop

Agisoft Photoscan


Spanish (Latin America): Fluent

Yucatec Maya: Beginner

Turkish: With aid of dictionary

Latin: With aid of dictionary

Full CV available by request.